Growing Fruit & Veg in Shetland


Food growing on an island at 60 degrees north is a little bit different to growing further south. We have a maritime climate (wet and windy), a short season, lower light levels and often poor soil. This doesn’t stop us growing a wide range of fruit and vegetables. It takes a bit of planning and preparation, working with what we have to make it better, but it can be done and we can help you do it.

Creating a growing space

There is room to grow food in every household even if it is only on your windowsill. If you have an outdoor space there are different options available to you click here to help you choose where to grow.

How to create growing beds

For hints on how to build a raised bed click here  and an idea how to fill it:

If you need land click here for support in finding some

For more ideas:

On what when and where to grow to grow food in Shetland click here

Chat to someone who grows food in Shetland, link up with a Grower Mentor