Resources for Growing Food in Schools

A teaching resource for food based growing projects in Shetland schools

This pack has been put together by local Shetland growers Transition Turriefield, and teachers from Shetland primary and secondary schools. It is designed to help you get started with growing food in school and as support for growing projects as part of the curriculum.

In the pack you will find user friendly information and instructions on growing crops and other useful materials for use with your food growing project. The pack contains:

Growing guides for crops, containers and pests Click here

A wall planner with Shetland season planting times Click here

Food related curriculum and policy driver links  Click here

We hope you enjoy using the materials and find them helpful.

Further support is available to help you get started or improve your food growing in school. We can help with starting up, plot design, planting plans, growing in the school year, dealing with pests and diseases. We are happy to answer questions on all sorts of growing topics please get in touch.

Beginners guide videos are available on Transition Turriefield’s YouTube channel and details of training courses are on the courses and events page. For more information please get in touch.